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The Visual Storytellers started their journey in UNTOLD Creators by Visa

The Visual Storytellers started their journey in UNTOLD Creators by Visa

The future festival photographers and videographers or as we call them The Visual Storytellers joined the program with their first workshops on June 18th and 19th in Bucharest. Hosted by DjSuperStore, this dynamic workshop was meticulously designed to nurture the talents of 20 selected participants, who gathered to learn from industry experts and enhance their skills in visual storytelling.

The learning experience was delivered by top experts Laviniu Laz─âr, Video Manager & Creative Director for the UNTOLD Universe, and Mihai Vasilescu, an expert in concert and live music photography since 2010 who had an extensive portfolio having collaborated with the radio network that owns KissFM, MagicFM, and RockFM.

The session covered topics such as: emotion vs capturing emotion - emphasizing the importance of not just capturing moments but the emotions behind / story drives imagery, not the other way around - highlighting the significance of storytelling in guiding visual content / seeing the world through different lenses - encouraging a diverse perspective in videography / create memories, not (just) images - fostering the creation of lasting memories through photo and video.

Over the two days, participants benefited from a blend of theoretical and practical sessions. They learned the intricacies of festival videography and photography, including how to capture the vibrant energy and raw emotions of live events. The two mentors provided personalized feedback and hands-on guidance, ensuring that each participant could refine their techniques and develop a unique artistic voice.

The Challenge

A highlight of the workshop is the challenge posed to the participants: to create and post their photos and videos online. This challenge is not just a test of their newly acquired skills but also a competition where their work would be evaluated by both the mentors and the public. The top five creators, as selected through this process, will advance their journey in the UNTOLD Creators by Visa program with an internship at the Neversea festival in July 2024.

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