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UNTOLD CREATORS by Visa: First Pillar Workshops for THE ARTISTS

First Workshops for Future DJs and Music Producers

On June 4th and 5th, the UNTOLD Creators by Visa program hosted its first series of workshops, dedicated to the 20 selected creators from the ARTIST pillar, comprising future DJs and music producers. Held at DjSuperStore, the workshops featured mentorship from seasoned professionals Mahony and RHEM, setting the stage for an immersive and inspiring learning experience.

Mentorship and Topics Covered

Rhem and Mahony are the mentors who shared their knowledge and experience with the eager participants. Rhem, known for his dynamic performances across Europe, brought his unique perspective to the table. Mahony, with his roots in hip-hop and a passion for electronic music, shared insights from his journey from local clubs to global stages.

The workshops covered a comprehensive array of topics:

Each session was designed to equip the participants with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex and competitive music industry. From understanding the financial aspects of a DJ career to mastering the art of music production and leveraging social media, the creators were exposed to essential tools for success.

A Creative Challenge

At the conclusion of the workshops, the participants were given a creative challenge: to produce a 30-minute mix of their own. This task not only tested their technical skills but also encouraged them to express their unique artistic voices. The results of this challenge will determine the next steps in their journey, as five out of the 20 participants will advance to the second phase of the UNTOLD Creators by Visa program, scheduled for the end of June at DjSuperstore.

Next steps

The practice phase will further hone the talents of the chosen five, providing them with more hands-on experience and direct mentorship from industry leaders. This phase is crucial for solidifying their skills and preparing them for the next stage of their careers. The UNTOLD Creators by Visa program continues to foster a community of creativity, passion, and innovation. By providing access to top-tier mentorship and real-world challenges, it aims to transform aspiring DJs and producers into industry-ready professionals.

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