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What is the UNTOLD Creators Training Program?

UNTOLD Creators is the first mentorship program with the mission to discover and empower the next generation of festival makers. It addressed four categories of public Artists (Djs and producers), Visual Storytellers (festival photographers & videographers), Marketing Prodigies (marketing & sponsorship specialists for festivals), The Talent Manager (artist managers and bookers).

Who can apply to the UNTOLD Creators Program?

Anyone aged between 18 and 30 years old with an interest to become a creator in the entertainment industry.

How many participants will be accepted?

80 participants in total, 20 participants per each category.

Is there a participation fee?

The participation costs for UNTOLD Creators are covered by the organisers of the program.

What will I learn in the UNTOLD Creators Program?

The curriculum is very specific on each category: from practical mixing classes, how to make money in the music industry, how to be a superstar, particularities of the concert photography & videography and also practical camera settings, video gear and preparation, how the musical production influences your DJ career, artist social media & communication, pitching partners, artist management and career planning in a dynamic digital world.

When and where does the program take place?

The workshops will take place at Dj SuperStore (Aurel Vlaicu 20 - Bucharest, Romania);

Shadowing & practice will take place at UNTOLD offices in Bucharest;

Other practical experiences and field work will be established for each category;

How can I apply?

Complete the Registration Form (link) and you will enter the selection process.

Based on what criteria will the selection process take place?

Based on the answers from the registration form we will assess the following:

Who can I contact for more information?


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